We uncover the human story to advance engagement.

We are Researchers, Strategists and Design Thinkers.

As thought leaders in strategic human research, we use game changing approaches and new technologies to contextualise the full  human story.

Behavioural Economics • Neuroscience • Online Listening • AI

We uncover deep insights to design robust strategies and implement solutions to drive transformative growth.

This ensures the brands we work with remain perpetually relevant in a radically changing business ecosystem.

Let’s get to the heart of the story.


“The powerful insights Sprout have generated, particularly with the MindSight™ tool, have made a practical difference to how we articulate customer insights to the rest of the business. Sprout offers us an invaluable business partnership.”

Retail Customer Experience Manager, Ergon Energy

“Sprout conducted some behavioural research for our business in 2016 during a period of major change. We were looking to understand the internal perceptions of our corporate brand across an organisation made up of many consumer brands, and geographically dispersed teams. Sprout managed to gain a thorough understanding of our business at a granular level to deliver invaluable feedback on how our employees felt about us at the time.

This research evaluated how our business vision and values were translating at an employee level, and how our communication and management styles were being received, both internally and externally. This experience was crucial in helping us understand what our employees were looking for from us, as their employer, and gave us the opportunity to tailor our management and communications style to achieve better productivity, staff morale and employer brand reputation at all levels of our business.”

Corporate Communications Manager, Tatts Group Limited

“Without the insights and consulting Sprout has provided over many years, we would have not understood nor would we have been able to leverage our emotional connection with the consumer. The immense business value this has brought has redirected our thinking, strategies and new product development relevance.”

Global Insights Director, Subway

“We have worked with Sprout for over 16 years. Their thorough approach provides objective, honest, open and valuable perspectives to the vast array of marketing challenges that our business faces every year.”

Joint Managing Director, Weis

“Truly understanding the motivational factors that compel someone to choose to travel with us means we can tailor our messaging for the right channels at the right times. Sprout has helped us set benchmarks so we can measure changes on an ongoing basis.”

Marketing & Partnership Manager, Brisbane Airtrain

“The team at Sprout were knowledgeable and professional. The resulting data we received was well presented and highly valuable for both the marketing and product teams and will contribute to decision making for at least 12-24 months.”

Global Marketing Manager, Kradle


How we work

As thought leaders in strategic human research we use game changing approaches and new technologies to contextualise the full human story.


The most successful companies understand the power of their brands, inside out. They continue to reinvent their offerings, experiences and business models with deep customer understanding at the heart of every decision.

At Sprout, we marry deep insights with strategy, creativity and a practical grasp of commercial reality to build strong brands for our clients.

We can help you grow your brand through:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Activation
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Performance
  • Brand Promise

Shaping Customer

Influencing a positive customer experience is more vital than ever before. Social networking, omni-channel marketing and digital disruption have radically changed business to consumer relationships.

Our blend of social listening and traditional research techniques with leading-edge neuroscience tools means we can deeply understand and measure not just what people say, but how they feel.

We can help you shape strong customer experiences through:

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Call Centre and IVR Research
  • Customer Loyalty and Retention

Transforming with Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a process for transforming organisations where the best solutions begin with deep insights into human behaviour. These insights power new design solutions that drive growth. 

At Sprout, we combine human centred research, design principles and test and learn practices to deliver a more robust and ultimately more successful transformation.

We can help you:

  • Define and get smart around your challenges
  • Unlock potent and robust human stories
  • Identify the pain points and gain creators
  • Craft a human story to inspire the organisation
  • Turn stories and insights into ideas
  • Ideate and imagine new ideas
  • Design prototypes
  • Iteratively test and refine solutions
  • Launch solutions for maximum impact
  • Measure success and pivot

Examples of our work

  • A New way to Track Brand and Communication

    Brand Voice

  • Applying Behavioural Economics for Business Transformation

    Beyond Price

  • Using AI to improve customer experiences

    Pain Points Uncovered


Insights from IBM THINK 2018

Elisa Adams share her outtakes from the IBM Think conference for business, brands and customer experience 2018.

Our Team

  • Elisa Adams
    Elisa Adams


    Elisa Adams

    Elisa Adams

    Elisa is the CEO and founder of Sprout Research – The Human Story. She has been at the forefront of understanding human behaviours and using this knowledge to drive business growth for the past 25 years. Having studied leading edge ways of accelerating business growth in the US and across Europe, she brings this new thinking to Australian clients.

    Today she works with Australia’s leading businesses to deliver transformative growth.  Some of her current clients include Telstra, Suncorp, RACQ and Ergon Energy. Elisa is a passionate crusader of understanding the full human story, using the latest thinking and technology in behavioural economics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and social listening to further understand how we think, feel and behave.

    Reach out to Elisa at

  • Natasha Jarrah
    Natasha Jarrah

    General Manager - Business Operations

    Natasha Jarrah

    Natasha Jarrah
    General Manager - Business Operations

    Natasha is a Client Partner with Sprout Research – The Human Story. She is also a strong project manager, ensuring her clients are well looked after and projects are delivered to the highest standard.  

    After studying her MBA at George Washington University, in the US, she worked as an academic qualitative researcher. Natasha returned to Australia to pursue one to one conversations with people, 10 years ago.

    Today, her vast experience in qualitative research and true understanding of behavioural economics gives her a unique understanding of the full human story.  Natasha’s passion for people and understanding how they think and feel, is critical to achieving the depth of insight we deliver at Sprout.

    Reach out to Natasha at

  • Rebecca Wilson
    Rebecca Wilson

    Director of Human Experience

  • Kerry Dymond
    Kerry Dymond

    Senior Client Partner

    Kerry Dymond

    Kerry Dymond
    Senior Client Partner

    Kerry is a Senior Client Partner and Qualitative Lead with Sprout Research – The Human Story. She is a rare modern day storyteller through her combined skills as a researcher, strategist, planner and facilitator.

    She has a curious mind for new and improved ways of finding the Humans Story. With a natural flair for advanced qualitative research and a solid knowledge of behavioural economics she delivers new and valuable insights for clients. Combine this with Kerry’s commercial acumen and she knows how to drive transformative growth through a better understanding of people.

    Kerry has worked in marketing research for over 15 years over 3 continents. Previously working in senior roles with IR London, Jigsaw Strategic Solutions and Ruby Cha Cha in Sydney and the Planner/Strategist for Ogilvy/Mather.

    Today, her vast experience in qualitative research and true understanding of behavioural economics gives her a unique understanding of the full human story.

    Reach out to Kerry at


  • Lorenne Van Rensburg
    Lorenne Van Rensburg

    Senior Client Partner

    Lorenne Van Rensburg

    Lorenne Van Rensburg
    Senior Client Partner

    Lorenne is a Quantitative Lead with Sprout Research – The Human Story. Her advanced quantitative capabilities and her drive to look at quantitative data for the human story rather reporting findings, provides a new depth to quantitative projects.

    She has a curious mind for new and improved ways of interrogating data, whether it is a bespoke project or an ongoing tracking project. Lorenne challenges the data and ensures the data is considered from as many angles as possible to optimise insights from quantitative projects. This leads to transformative growth through a better understanding of people.

    Lorenne has worked in marketing research for over 15 years across 2 continents. Lorenne worked in senior roles with TNS, before running her own consultancy for over 5 years.

    Reach out to Lorenne at

  • Kaysee Felgate
    Kaysee Felgate


  • Kate Harrison
    Kate Harrison

    Research Executive

  • Nicole Cox Yeates
    Nicole Cox Yeates

    Design Thinking Partner

  • Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry
    Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry

    Data Scientist Lead Partner

  • Stephen Prendergast
    Stephen Prendergast

    Advanced Analytics Partner

  • David Forbes
    David Forbes


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